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One does not live on romance stories alone!  I know I do...but everyone's not like me.

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Title - ALESSANDRA SAPPHIRE  by Cheryl Comer Medley
Title - STORMY SECRETS by Tammy McGlade
Title - RISE ABOVE THE TRUTH by Rebecca Thein
Title - I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU and UNTIL I MET YOU by Annette Evans
Title - Love of A Lifetime, Abandoned Love and Evangeline's Fantasy Man by Ida Plassay
Title -  SINGING WINDS by Linda Strawn 

Christian Historical Fiction

Title - UNTIL SHILOH COMES by Robert Starr

Murder Mysteries...

Title - DEADLY REFUSALS by Patricia Hackel
Title - ANGEL FROM NOWHERE by Judy Fisher

Science Fiction...

Title - ESSENSE OF TIME by Al Benham
Title - THE KEY by Cathy Mankin
Title - BREE by Melissa Diaz


Title - A BLACK SHEEP IN THE FOLD by Michelle James
Title - MYTHS, LEGENDS, HISTORY & ME by John Isaacs
Title - A POET'S JOURNAL by Dawn Renae Rarick

Children's Literature...

Title - THE SEAGULL WHO WAS AFRAID TO FLY by Steven P. Wickstrom

Self Awareness/Inspirational...

 Title - WHAT MURPHY DIDN'T KNOW by Kristin Blizzard

Title - TEARS AMIDST MY JOY by Mary T. Wiley
Title - SPONGES by Amy Potts


Title - SHIMMER by A.W. Nutter
Title - DADDY'S GAME by A.W.Nutter
Title - FIRE MISSION:DESERT STORM by Robert Marshall


Title - EMILY'S HIDDEN SECRET by Judy Fisher