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ORIGIN for the HER STRONG TOWER novel...

The idea for this story began at my high school alma mater Shaw High School in East Cleveland, Ohio at our 30th high school reunion.  Although I will refrain from using former classmates' actual names 'to protect the innocent'.

The initial relationship depicted in the story between Antoine Sims and Samantha Mitchell did actually exist.  He was her best friend/strong tower back in high school, providing a listening ear to her woes of being dumped by her boyfriend of almost one year.

Back during their high school days though, she never saw their relationship as anything other than platonic.  He was always available to talk matter what.

Now, many years later, it seemed that at the reunion he was seeing her through different eyes and could not help complimenting her continuously.  This obviously made her uncomfortable, especially since he insisted on doing this in front of her husband.

But, contrary to how the story plays out...they did not dance together.  And they definitely did not share that awesome kiss!

Returning home following the reunion, ideas started formulating and before long the synopsis of the story was unfolding.  The weird thing is that I was in the middle of working on another manuscript.  So I immediately put down the other manuscript and went to work on this 'new story'. 

It all started with my thinking...I wondered what would have happened if there was something brewing between those two at the reunion?

The rest, as they say, is history...