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There's a bit more to the origin of this story than with HER STRONG TOWER...

Originally, this novel was to depict the true to life love story of two really good friends of mine (Duane and Latricia Peck).  They both are very strong Christian friends and had such a storybook type romance that I couldn't resist the urge to ask them to use their story in a Christian romance novel.

I then submitted the completed manuscript to Harlequin Romance Critiqueing service who felt the story was 'too sweet'.  There were no character flaws in my main characters.  There was not the expected 'romance story formula' which basically meant that somewhere in the story there needed to be either a mental or physical separation between the hero and heroine. 

Well...being that there wasn't a separation in Duane and Latricia's story, somehow it didn't occur to me to place one in my rendition of their romance.  The editors from the service also wrote that things like what happened in my story don't really happen in real life and that my story wouldn't sell.

There were other flaws in the story that were pointed out by the waiting too long to bring the two main characters together, no 'page turner' affect to my chapter endings, etc. work was set out before me.  I needed to recreate certain details of the story, add some character flaws, bring my two main characters together a lot quicker and proceed to make my story a 'page turner'.  Oh and also I added in a 'mental/physical' separation.  My spending time out in Colorado Springs served the purpose for that.

It took many hours of re-writing, but according to the reviews I've received on this story so far, I believe I've accomplished what the critique editors suggested I do.