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Alone, but not Lonely

Posted by vking on April 23, 2015 at 6:05 AM

Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have; for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.  Hebrews 13:5

Good morning everyone,

So if you were to be honest with yourself, what would you say is your worse time of day?

I am going to be transparent and say sometimes that would be the last hour or two before I go to bed.  It tends to be quiet and everyone else is off doing their own thing.  It's just me...and my thoughts.  Believe it or not, I tend to feel lonely.  And we all know when that happens, the pity party is not far behind.  For some strange reason, we feel the need to occupy every waking moment with...something to pass the time.  For me, that can be eating or maybe even mindless television watching.  Sometimes the two are combined.  Then weeks later, I wonder why my weight is inching upward.  "Really Vicki..?"  That's a no-brainer.  And the next thing I know I am bemoaning the fact that I can't seem to lose the weight I want to.  I tend to want to chase the weight I was 20 or so years ago.  Bad news! 

I started thinking early this morning how I used to want some 'me' time back when my children were very young and taking care of them took approximated 90% of my waking.  Now I have that time available where I can do those 'other' things and I am wasting that time now 'being lonely'.  What's wrong with that picture.  We are never really satisfied, are we?  I should know that being 'alone' isn't necessarily being 'lonely'.  Eating and watching mindless television is not going to fill that void.  No matter how much we eat and watch the television.  It's just going to frustrate us later and give us something else to be frustrated about.

I have way too many things to do to keep my mind engaged.  And, if I really don't want to do any of those things, I have access to a wealth of knowledge available from the internet that I can avail myself of.  Next time I should probably sit down and make a list of those things I would do if I had time or topics I would like to learn if I had more time. 

We have the available time, but we don't necessarily use it wisely.  Every day we get 24 hours...what am I going to do with mine?  Do I spend it doing something I know I shouldn't be doing or do I take that time and expand my knowledge...or even sit at my computer and send out a card to someone else who may be going through the same things I am going through.  The choice is in my (our) hands.

Obviously this blog entry was directed primarily to me...but maybe you might be experiencing something similar.  If that is the case, I am hoping this entry provides you with something to reflect on.

Have a blessed Thursday!

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